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I am Petr Hejna from Prague in Czech republic (born 25.1. 1988 in Prague). My greates interests are astronomy, entomology, music, breeding exotical reptiles, tourism and history, fantasy books and train models. I am also successful writer fantasy novels and editor my magazine, direct to culture, history, nature, astronomy, fantasy and others. I was publishing various reports and interviews with famously peoples (Bill Clinton, J. Stivin, V. Pruchova - mother of Jan Hammer). 

I speak only little english. No problem - my websites is full photos, pistures and music. This laungae is understendable for people in all world. From my magazine and fantasy stories I was get prestigious award from minister of the culture, minister of the education and from wife czech president Vaclav Havel, lady Dagmar Havlova. 

My father is musician, photographer and painter. Please, visit his websites with photos landscape, children and nude. Further are ready to viewing fantasy pictures and to listen rock, artrock, jazzrock and Christmassongs music. 


here is full verzion my websites in czech

notice: sorry, my english is no perfect ( i speak and write very good czech! )

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